An objective of my blog is to provide my fellow midwesterners to insights that stretch your vacation budget farther and provide you a well planned, low stress vacation. Allow me to describe how my friend, Crystal, can help you accomplish those two objectives.  Let me explain.

My wife and I have planned a multitude of Walt Disney World trips from our midwestern home. We considered ourselves pretty darn good at trip planning. After our move to Florida we made a new friend… Crystal.  Who happens to be a Vacation Planner specializing in Disney Destinations.

Crystal has a love and passion for Disney that I haven’t seen matched by many people.  It so happened that at one time she lived not more than 20 miles from our home in Illinois. She is a midwesterner also.  I considered that a good omen.

In following her love of Disney, Crystal, moved into the Orlando area to become better at her craft.  The craft of planning vacations for families who want to visit Walt Disney World. Families that want to have completed in advance the myriad of details like, restaurant reservations, character breakfasts, park tickets, special event happenings, seasonal event options, guided park tours and a multitude of additional particulars. This in-depth knowledge only comes from the experience and training provided by the ongoing Authorized Disney Vacation Planner training and the dedication of just going to the parks multiple times each week to experience something new or gain a better understanding of operations. It’s fun too!

In my opinion, to more than scratch the surface of a Walt Disney World vacation give Crystal a call.  She is available on Facebook or at Wish Upon A Star With Crystal.

Note to the first paragraph. It’s ok if you don’t live in the midwest. This info is still good, regardless of your geographic location.  Also, low stress vacation may be a misnomer. Walt Disney World is a big place and a lot of people visit.  Not only from the United States, but from around the world. As I stated in my first post. “The Keys to this Kingdom is planning”.  Stress levels will be reduced if reservations are made and fast passes set.  The family vacation can proceed as planned without trying to schedule last minute events that most likely were completely booked four to six months prior to your arrival date.

Good luck and have a great family vacation.