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I think this place was called at one time or another, The Diamond Horseshoe Saloon… maybe it was Diamond Horseshoe Revue. No matter, it is now “The Diamond Horseshoe” and it sits in Disney’s Magic Kingdom right smack middle of Frontierland. Let’s make it clear at the start… There is no show at the ‘shoe’ unless we count people watching or the parade as it dances, sings and waves its way down the street.

The Diamond Horseshoe isn’t about the show any longer, but there still exists a nice ambiance and some good food. I popped in the other day to check things out and chat with the cast members. It’s not your typical interior. There seems to be a bit more theme and craftsmanship at this restaurant. Maybe since it was constructed early in the park’s history a bit more time and detail was allowed.  That’s just a guess or a SWAG one might say.

Stage opposite the entrance. This was taken near the hostess stand. If you notice on either side of the stage are tables. Those tables would seem to be the best seat in the house. Feel like royalty as you dine overlooking the commoners. 🙂

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, but there is an upper balcony. There is no dining in the upper balcony. Dining doesn’t get at any greater elevation than the stage tables.

View towards the buffet counter… my favorite counter of all counters.

Don’t leave your seat. Your server will bring your food. All you care to eat. Buffet style brought right to your table.

Notice the fall garland. Very pretty. Reminds of a crisp October day in Illinois or Indiana, though when you step outside the Diamond Horseshoe, the reality of 92-degree temperatures reminds you that it is still Florida.

Stage left.

More fall garland. You may notice that the place is a bit empty. This is due to the fact that is was after closing time as I snapped these pictures. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween was beginning and the restaurant closed at 7:00 pm.

Since I was dining alone the food is proportional to the number of guests. If I had friends there would be a larger pile of each entree. Not pictured: Cornbread and Mac and Cheese.

Normally I take a photo of the menu, but it slipped my mind. Look it up on the web, but it may not be current. This food photo was taken 9/12/17. All the meats were excellent. The buffet meal is $35 per person for adults. Kids ages 3-9 can eat for $19

Pot Roast is melt in your mouth and that is not an exaggeration. BBQ pulled pork was very good. Sausage (always a favorite of mine) and sliced turkey breast were excellent.

There was a salad before dinner and it was good and I enjoyed the Chipotle Ranch Dressing. But really… to me the salad is just something to pass the time until the meat arrives… and my mom always told me it was good for me. My favorite part of the salad is croutons and dressing so I may be missing something health wise in that regard. Heck, I’ve even seen people eat salad without any dressing. You may as well pull the greens from  your backyard.

I’m a tough judge of the beans, whatever you wish to call them… baked, bbq, cowboy, trailside. These beans were ok. They were not my favorite. What do I look for in beans? Thick sauce and full of flavor, some pork or brisket added and a smokey flavor, some type of pepper probably more for appearance than flavor. That is what I like. Usually my dining choice is not make or break due to the beans since I’m more interested in the meats that usually accompany the bowl of beans.

Dessert consisted of a campfire brownie. Sadly I had to pass on dessert, as the meat coma was beginning to make an appearance and I needed to get moving while I still was able.

I recommend the restaurant for those weary travelers looking for a hearty meal. Maybe your 10 year old won’t make a dent in the $35 dollar meal price if paying in cash so you may want to consider your food value in that regard, but if you have purchased the Disney Dining Plan and would like to treat the whole family to a great meal in a memorable location it can be done for a table service credit.

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