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Had a quick trip over the weekend to Nashville, Tennessee and visited a BBQ joint we found by coincidence a few years back. Its not in the most visible locale, or the largest, but its BBQ has been consistent over the years. Judge Bean’s Bar-B-Que identifies as a Texas BBQ joint, which was a good choice since two Texans were in my party.

I split “The Feast” with one of the Texans and neither of us was disappointed. Will point out that I wasn’t that crazy about the Texas toast, but who cares about toast on a BBQ platter since it’s just window dressing anyway. Not being too hungry I had a couple slices of Brisket, a Rib, one Diablo, Cowboy Beans, Mac & Cheese and some Pulled Pork. My tablemate finished off the remainder of the “The Feast”… reading over my food list apparently I was hungrier than I thought.

Overview of “The Feast”. Clockwise starting in the upper left, Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Texas Toast, Cowboy Beans, Baked Beans, Mac & Cheese, Diablos and Wings at the center. The beans and mac & cheese are sides. Two side come with the meal, but curiosity of the Cowboy Beans got the better of me. I prefered the cowboy beans over the BBQ Beans. The Cowboy Beans have much more heat and are more flavorful… almost to a chili like flavor. The Cowboy Beans have jalapenos in the mix, but I am guess also a large component of the spice is cumin… which is my favorite spice.

The Diablo is Judge Bean’s jalapeno pepper stuffed with shrimp and cheese and wrapped in bacon. I didn’t eat the shrimp, but did try the remainder of the Diablo. It was ok, but not the favorite side item of mine (that would be the Cowboy Beans). Also known as ABT’s, a good recipe and a great final picture is at this link.

A post-worthy shot of the three meats. Brisket, RIbs, and Pulled Pork.


The Diablo. You can just see the shrimp peeking out from the jalapeno.


Two hot wings. This is my favorite pic showing crispy wings and a slathering of sauce. The white is a reflection of the light in the sauce… a sauce I can almost see myself in.
The menu.

The menu appears to be a bit different than the menu online. Don’t believe that really matters since the Bar-B-Que is good regardless. Did do a review of the photo gallery on the Judge Bean website and unless I am missing something somewhere it doesn’t appear that the photos have been updated since 2012. Again it doesn’t really effect the Bar-B-Que….still good. If you happen to visit, tell them Doug Travels Orlando says “Howdy”. They won’t know who you are talking about.

The brand new map for places other than Florida… here.  A bit sparse as of this time.

Doug Wilcoxon grew up in Cantrall, Illinois and moved about the countryside following job changes and chasing dreams. After 13 years in Indiana he and his wife moved near Orlando, Florida to determine if warmer winters, Orlando attractions, Disney Parks, and sunny days are to their liking.

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